Octopus OS

This seems like an antique candle lamp: from the ceiling but it is actually a self standing lamp creatively resting on the floor with delicate lightness.Octopus is magical and elegant light, classical citation blended with artisan technique, revoking times past, having great scene of graphic impact, suitable for prestigious interiors and exteriors.

The refined aesthetics of Octopus is consists of an interweave of 16 slender stainless steel arms coming from a central decorative brass element at the end of which a rotating ring adjusts the light intensity; all of this is carefully finished with three layers of embossed white paint, the result of an ideal combination of design, craftsmanship and style.

Octopus OSThe light fixtures located at the end of each arm can be LED or low voltage halogen hidden inside the soft white opal silicone diffusers which resemble candles and lend Octopus the shape of a large candelabra.

Octopus undoubtedly represents the maximum expression on the ‘Inside scenario’ of excellent workmanship, a love of detail and choosing apt materials.

With the help of its professional collaborators, this model is the fruit of a long-term, attentive and challenging project that from the design phase led to the realization of an exclusive final product.

The ethereal and brilliant presence of this object is the result of a top-quality external finish made with a special type of high-temperature powder paint applied in three layers and embossed. This is a product that will withstand the test of time both aesthetically and qualitatively.

Octopus OS

Octopus was conceived to be placed on the floor or fastened to the ground. To provide stability and durability in either case, it is supplied with two different types of fastening system.

For the free standing installation there are four elegant bases of embossed white painted steel; the support is protected by soft silicone that allows it to be installed on precious flooring.

20370105_100363_dOctopus OS Kit incasso

In cases of fastening to the ground, Octopus is supplied with a central hideaway cylinder housing containing all the electrical wiring.

The stainless steel pins housed in the ground fasten the lamp arms to give more stability to the structure.

Truly an “object of desire”, Octopus lends itself to admiration in prestigious residences, showrooms, expos, hotels and conference halls.



Versions of Octopuss hanging, OHL16 OH16-8, are made
with precious materials, stainless steel and brass, marked by the classic design and innovative technology o combine the most sophisticated craft, suitable for internal prestige.

They are born  by a project for outdoor but can also be installed in wet spaces, swimming pools, spas, greenhouses.

In this version we do not change  the refined aesthetics of the Octopus, provided by a compisition of stainless steel arms made by hand, which radiate from a central brass decorative elements, all carefully finished with 3 coats of white paint embossed.

Points of light, placed at the end of each arm, can be led and power supply, speakershidden inside soft silicone white opal or mains voltage bulbs with E14, which give to the candles as the shape of an Octopus large candelabra.

To increase the appearance of models, the chain  can be customized with 6 different types of rings of 8 mm section steel, painted white embossed, handmade one by one.

octopus catenaoctopus