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Back stage1

Versatility goes on stage.A small articulated cylinder having a minimalist aesthetic where practicality and a wide range of variants make it into a multiuser product: perfect in any situation, it can become “from the ground”, semi-flush mount or external for the ceiling.The triple finish of brushed natural aluminum, white impulse or opaque anodized black.

Back stage6Back stage 120 F

Floor light, producing an adjustable light beam upward, ideal for sensational lighting on surfaces and objects.

It comprises a cylindrical light fixture adjustable in all directions through a joint that connects it to the support base, all in aluminum with a natural brushed finish, embossed white or opaque anodized black.

Technical specifications


Back stage3

Back stage4

Back stage 65 C / 120 C

The ceiling variant represents a spotlight system of external adjustable spotlights as an original alternative to flush mount lights or in cases where it is not possible to house them.

Luminous bodies having a technological design that creates neat cones of light; wide range of light fixtures.

It comes in two versions, 65 and 120 mm in diameter; allowing the use of halogen lamps.

The unique opaque finish gives it a soft volume manifesting materiality which blends perfectly with the architectural shell of each space while also characterizing it.

Technical specifications


Back stage5Back stage 65 /120

Thanks to the flush mount wiring, in Back Stage 65 and 120 the accent is placed on the essentiality of the article:  a minimal volume for containing light.

Available with halogen, LED and iodide lamps of different intensities. The spotlight is offset in the 65 version which reveals its directionality.

Technical specifications


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